Monday, December 28, 2009


Here are two versions of the same painting I just finished. In the lower photo the painting is lit with a warm light.
The title is Genesis.
28"x 39 1/4"
I am very happy it is finally finished. I think it turned out well. I really don't remember why I started doing waves. I have always loved the ocean. It can express many emotions and it certainly is the true essence of creation and destruction, a concept that permeates a lot of my paintings. Maybe there is a rhythm to the waves that connects it to our own rhythm. The crashing waves on the shore like a heartbeat. The push and pull of the water like making love. It is about balance. It is about adaptation. It is about equilibrium. The ocean reaches for us and we reach for it. When we get close enough, it literally pulls us in. Maybe that is why I paint waves.