Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deep South

I just finished this painting last week and finally varnished it so I could send it off today. The varnish did not adhere too well to the surface. It's one of my biggest aggravations, dealing with the materials. It's a constant battle and one in which I learn something all the time. Usually its what not to do.
I think the painting turned out pretty well. It's oil on wood, 8"x 12". Titled, "Deep South". It is a river in central Georgia. I made some slight alterations, but this is an actual place. I have always loved the backwoods and the backroads of the South. I feel connected to this part of the world. It is here, just before dark, the voices of the day are hushed and the night creatures begin to stir and hum. The mystery of twilight. The witchery of the moon. There are ghosts in these parts.


  1. Hi Matthew, Beautiful, beautiful work... Just as an FYI, My sister Sharon Knettell is a fine artist, master in oils and other mediums, an ex teacher at RISD in RI, as well as a nationally known illustrator and portrait artist. She has been painting for over 40 plus years. She is also a master of working with mediums too. She has done tons of research into the formulas of masters. She might be able to help you will all sorts of issues like varnish. Check out her website: I believe her email address is on her website. She would love a shout from another artist.

    Another fellow Twitterer

  2. When you said the varnish didnt adhere, did you mean it left gaps as if water over oil?
    It looks good from the photo. Nice piece.

  3. Thank you, Nancy. I may contact your sister, Sharon. We can all learn from each other.

  4. Thanks, Steve. Just like water over oil, yes.

  5. I thought an oil painting had to be left for 6 months to dry thoroughly before any varnish could be applied?