Monday, August 31, 2009


We went to Niagara Falls last year and I have managed to make several paintings from the trip. This piece is one of several that I will take to St. Louis next week. It is very small and I finished it this morning. 1 3/4"x 1 7/8". I have plans to make a very large version of this at some point. Maybe 50"x 50". I would love to return to much larger, much looser work. It seems to be more to my character and I feel more comfortable with the working methods of larger paintings. However, a small piece like this can be very effective when I paint such a large view in such a small space. It forces the viewer to look very close and when they do they see a huge world. I like that dynamic. It's not overwhelming like a large piece, but more intimate.


  1. Hi Matthew:
    I'm an artist in Ontario Canada, and I just love your work. I can't believe how small some of your paintings are! I suppose they go quickly though! I am going to follow along with your blog! Good luck with the show on Dec. 5th!
    Barb. McGuey