Friday, November 6, 2009

New Work

Here is my new painting. We went on a trip a summer ago to Lake George, NY. It was motivated by the many artists who painted in the region during the 1800's. I wanted to be inspired by what inspired F. Church and so many others. Lake George itself was actually disappointing because it so much now caters to the tourists, but within the area you can still find beautiful places. This creek was actually in Maryland. We got off the road, as I like to do, and went looking for something to discover. It was late in the evening and it had rained hard as we went down a small road near this creek, crossing it several times before I stopped in a heavily wooded area and got out. I literally walked out into the creek. Fog was forming on the water as the sun sunk lower in the sky. It was perfect light. I would have loved to have painted right there, but I just made some notes and took a few photos. This small painting, 2 5/8"x 6" is the result.

1 comment:

  1. nice piece. Interesting to see the image larger than the actual painting. I can see more of the painting technique.