Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Water everywhere

This is a new painting and one of the largest I have done at 64"x 72. I have just finished it today. It will be part of a solo exhibit I will have at Evoke Contemporary, in Santa Fe, in May. The gallery is one block from the Plaza. What a great place Santa Fe is. I have been there a number of times in the past 5 years and its always such a pleasure.


  1. I think a series of 3 or 4 of these would be a great show in themselves. The scale takes them to another level. Nice painting.

  2. It is gorgeous, and the scale is brave and powerful.

  3. Matthew,
    I am an artist from Miami and fan of your work.
    Do you use a grid when painting water scenes?They seem a bit abstract (as water is) but very much balanced.Is there a trick to this?
    Or do you just "feel out" the balance of the waves?
    I assume that you work from a photo but how accurately do you work from the photo? Is there any freedom of imagination involved accompanied w/ balance?
    Much thanks,
    Ryan Hayoun ryanh111@hotmail.com

  4. What an amazing painting. You can just feel the water moving. Is this painting going to be exhibited at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in July?

  5. We just got back from Santa Fe. We saw your work at Evoke Gallery. The photos don't do your paintings justice. You have just moved ahead of Ray Turner as my favorite living artist.

    My wife and I are from N.Orleans. If you had added a faint "oil slick" on the horizon of "Water Everywhere", it would have reminded us of home. Wonderful show. Thanks for sharing it with us... Jim and Connie Seitz

  6. I am sorry, but this painting won't be at Cherry Creek, but several other smaller works will be. Thanks for the compliment.. . . . . .Jim and Connie, glad you stopped by Evoke, nice people. Kind words, thank you.. . . . .I hope the oil doesn't ruin Louisiana. What a beautiful place.

  7. Spending a lot of time in the Adirondack Mountains (High Peaks area) and have had water everywhere...on my hiking. Heading back on Sunday evening, and will be mindful of such inspiration. Would love to see your work-first hand. Hopefully the trail will be "DRY" Judson Brown judsonfinearts.com

  8. I hope you do many more of these water painting!!!! I like the name "vermillion" and hope that leads to exploring other colorscapes in water ...as in the bahama blue which probably has a oil color name. Just wondering why you choose such a small scale. MER

  9. Very cool painting Matthew. Really like your work.