Monday, January 30, 2012


Crossroads......13"x 15 1/2"...still have to repaint the sky. The lights in this image look really yellow/orange. Not nearly so in person.
So I wanted to paint the place where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his guitar genius. I figured if this legend were really true, it would have to be a relatively benign place. It seems like it would be a simple place and not one of g
randiosity. In the story, it was, indeed, near railroad tracks. In this painting we are Robert Johnson, on the railroad tracks of life..Ha!! We are coming to a crossing. We are given a choice. On the right, which is impossible to see here, is a children school crossing sign. This is meant to represent innocence. On the left is a business, which could be a bar, a juke joint, or whatever. It is occupied and open 24 hours, because the devil is always open for business. Life is about choices. Robert Johnson made his. What is mine? What is yours?


  1. First of all let me say how wonderfully intimate your paintings are. I am in awe of your technical abilities. My mark is much looser but I really love what you do, which has nothing to do with a photographic image. I enjoy your candidness and heartfelt comments about your work. This painting breaks all the rules of placemen with your very centered railroad tracks. I love the metaphor you have set up with this composition. Yes, life is definitely about choices. I am primarily a landscape painter and I made a choice to raise my own family at the expense of my painting career. I did continue to paint but it was with many starts and stops. I am now working on a series of "ordinary" places in Frederick Md, which is a charming yet odd place with turn of the century architecture and a provincial population. Frederick is in a transition though and I hope it doesn't get too "moderinized". Your work is an inspiration thank youand good luck with your show at Arcadia. It's a great gallery! Sincerely, Jeanean Songco Martin. You may view my work at

  2. Oh hun! Your work is just spectacular! I wish I had .000000000000000001% of your gift for creating such work. I have a friend who live in Frederick, MD. Hit Fell's Point one night and ask for Dream Dancer. :D