Sunday, February 5, 2012

The way home...

Here is a painting I finished a number of weeks ago that I finally was able to varnish. I didn't want to set up all the things I needed to in order to take a decent picture, so I took it at an angle on the easel in order to see it. Reflections with a dark painting are a pain. Anyway, its on wood and it's about 8"x 10". This painting is the neighborhood Rachel, my wife, grew up in. Because of her low vision, getting to and from places was and is difficult. During grade school she walked the same route home everyday to make it easier on herself. A number of times she walked home when it was nearly dark. Her night vision is especially bad. The view in the painting is of the last turn to her house. This streetlight helped to guide her way. When she got to it, she knew she was nearly home...........the painting is titled..."The way home".


  1. I love how you support your paintings by big frames, which truly make them windows to your world.

  2. Glad to say this is now on our wall in Abu Dhabi, along with "The Station". Enjoy your work very much Matthew.

    Russell Faulkner